About Us

Kulai Long Sheng Food Sdn Bhd is a company that provides catering service for all types of occasion. Our headquarter is strategically situated at Kulai, Johor Bahru (JB). The company's aim is to provide the lowest catering price to customer.

We provide all type of catering services for open house, weeding, full moon catering, birthday party for celebrate special events, ceremony, society, school, and company. We would like to prepare the healthiest food and with the perfect cooking skills for our customers. We special provide bake goat services to customer which located at Johor Bahru area.

Other than catering services, we also serve tasty and high quality bakkwa (BBQ sliced pork), yu sheng, and meat floss during Chinese New Year. Premium homestay also available for family trip and gathering.

Feel free to browse through our website and you will have a better understanding about the catering package that we offer.


我们提供各类型餐饮服务,包括招待会,婚礼,满月餐饮,庆祝特殊活动,纪念日,交流会,学校和公司的生日聚会。我们希望为客户准备最健康的食物。 我们特别为新山地区的客户提供烤羊服务。

除餐饮服务外,我们还在农历新年期间提供美味优质的碳烤肉干,鱼生和肉松。 我们也提供民宿服务,适合家庭旅行和聚会使用。

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